Taking Advantage of Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising campaigns give companies the chance to create and execute advertising plans that tap into the market of users. The service has been around for several years, and some of the biggest businesses in the nation (and the world) have been utilizing the social media exposure. There is a huge list of prestigious businesses who have jumped onto the Facebook advertising train – you may have noticed a few, like Walmart, American Express and AT&T, while you were scrolling through.

Many of these companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars per year to connect with Facebook users. The unique thing about the Facebook advertising service, however, is that even the smallest businesses get the same opportunities to find new customers, because they also have the chance to be in each targeted user’s news feed. Facebook can be powerful on a grand scale, but it can help small to medium businesses attract local consumers with more targeted and specific ads. With the right guidance and setup, your brand can hone in on the best possible viewers and turn them into loyal customers.

Targeting Services

One important thing about advertising: it has to find the right viewers. Denture ads, for example, are useless for the college crowd. Our Facebook advertising services give you the chance to target the best demographic for your brand. You can filter results by age, location, and gender for a broader spectrum, of course, but you can also go much further.

Choose viewers based on relationship status, income, or home type to further tighten your scope. Target particular fields of study and degrees if you’re looking for professionals, or find people with hobbies that match what your company is selling. Shopping behavior, online spending, page likes – all are examples of how you can narrow your ads and make every cent work harder. Let our team show you how.

The Benefits of Our Facebook Ad Management

Aside from reaching your exact demographic, you’ll see real, tangible results when you work with us to create your Facebook Ads campaign. That’s because you deserve serious ROI instead of guesswork. Our patrons enjoy benefits like:

  • Better page engagement. The Facebook ads we help you craft will boost engagement on your company’s Facebook page, helping you inspire more trust in future customers. Our services will increase status likes, shares, comments, views, and video plays so your page becomes more alive than ever before.
  • New followers. When more people who match your target demographic see your ads, they’re more likely to become a fan of your page and follow your future updates. Our services help you get more page likes and followers to continuously build your audience and spread your business by word of mouth.
  • More click-throughs. Even though your Facebook page can become a hub of activity, you still need people to follow through to your website. Our services encourage more click-throughs for higher volumes of traffic to your home page.
  • Increased app engagement. Your app needs downloads to be successful, and working with us means your brand will have ads which encourage these interactions. Viewers can go straight to the download page from Facebook, streamlining the process and further increasing the chance they’ll add the software to their device.
  • Special offer promotion. Even the best sale won’t be successful if no one knows about it. It takes a precise understanding of Facebook’s algorithms to get the widest views. We help your ads get attention at the right times so every promotion can be a success.

Try Our Facebook Ad Management

We want to help you take advantage of the Facebook advertising services and find online success for your company. We’ll work with you to deliver personalized, powerful results every time. There’s no reason to waste money by leaving your advertising to guesswork when our team of professionals is standing by. Call us today for more information on our existing ad management packages or to discuss a customized plan for your budget and needs. Don’t miss out on views, leads, or likes for one more day. Let us transform your digital advertising plan today.